Clinical Trials

    Making a Diffrence in the Future of Medicine and Treatment .

      What Are Clinical Trials?

    Clinical trials determine if new medications, vaccines, devices, and procedures are safe and effective for treating or preventing health conditions. Without clinical trials, we would have no new treatments. By participating in a clinical trial, you can help make new treatments possible. 

    Why Should you Participate in a Clinical Trial?

      You Receive Rembersiment for your time 
    Opportunity to receive an investigational treatment or drug that is not yet available 

    Monitoring health conditions closely

    Assist us in expanding our medical knowledge to help give hope to future patients. 

    Have a better understanding of health condition

    Can I participate In a Clinical Trial study?

    YES! Patients of all ages, races, and ethnicities, healthy or with pre-existing medical conditions, participate in clinical trials around the world. And so can you!

    Although some trials do need to be met with certain requirements to become a participant. 

    Ongoing Clinical Trial Studies  


    If you see a Clinical Trial below you are interested in participating in, click the trial name below, so you can begin a Pre-Screening to see if this trial is right for you!

    Listed here are the current ongoing clinical trials, Clicling on the name of the trial will bring you to a prescreening page. From there you will be able to check if you qualify for that specific trial. 

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    Want to become a participant today, but don't see any current studies that you qualify for? 

    If being apart of a clinical trial seems right for you, just click "Become a Participant"